Time (Short Story)

For our next class, we were tasked to come up with a story/conflict/characters with only the use of dialogues. We were to use dialogue to reveal either personality, new information or increase tension. So here’s my attempt to reveal a little bit of all: Time “No. I need more time.” “Are you serious? You asked […]

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Tuned Out (Short Story)

The task for the Creative Writing Class was to eavesdrop on a conversation and to build characters and to weave a story with them from that conversation. I side-tracked. Nowadays, everyone’s on their phones or reading their books, I’m always on my headphones, I personally do not like the noise of people talking things I […]

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The Unlikely Team (Short Story)

So for our next Creative Writing Class, we were tasked to observe a stranger and come up with a narrative for that stranger. I’ve not been feeling well the past week and I had no motivation to look at anyone. No one I saw was interesting enough either. But school/work waits for no one. Writing […]

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In The Night (Short Story)

This was an activity for settings. We were given a setting and asked to write about two vastly different characters. Two characters with opposing motivations who see the same setting in opposing lights. In The Night This was where it had all started. Standing on the other side of the road, Anna kept her eyes […]

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