We Found Love (Short Story)

Another story I didn’t know where I was going with. In-class writing. This time we were allowed to choose names and location from a few choices. I picked Christopher and Om, at the bar. We Found Love Christopher tugs my arm relentlessly. “Dude, for the last time” -I pry his fingers off of me- “no.” […]

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Dinner and Dance (Short Story)

Well. We were once again given names and a location. Mine was Rose and Ben and the location was police station. And I didn’t manage to use the police station. And we were supposed to choose from one of the master plots to create a story. I chose revenge but I don’t think it came […]

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Eye for an Eye (Short Story)

Here’s something else we did in Creative Writing class in-class. We were given names and a location. Mine was Mui Sim and Katherine and the location was a school. The challenge was to subvert a character archetype. And this is the product. I actually couldn’t think of a title. But here it is: Eye for […]

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