Irumbu Thirai (TAMIL)

Bruh. Okay first of all props for the idea. But I have a lot to say about the execution. Plot: Kathiraven, an Army Major (played by Vishal), needs a 600 000INR loan for his sister’s wedding. But no bank is willing to give him a huge personal loan – he has no surety – so […]

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Oru Nalla Naal Paarthu Solren (Tamil)

I really adore Vijay Sethubathi and Gautham Karthik. And I also adore dual hero movies. But I really hate the fact that I loved this movie!! This movie is so ridiculous that it’s hilarious. It’s like a thriller-slash-comedy-slash-(alittle)fantasy-slash-(maybea)socialmessage kind of movie. I say fantasy although it’s very realistic. It’s just a really funny movie. I […]

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Wazir (Hindhi)

My university had a free movie screening night last night and they had this show. It’s a suspense/thriller kind of movie and I have quite a few things to say about it. Plot: A member of the anti-terrorist organization with the police department goes after a known terrorist and loses his daughter in the process. […]

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Sketch (Tamil)

A Wednesday late night update. Heh. My friend, Huq, reviewed this movie perfectly. A 2010 movie with a 2016 plot twist. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. I actually liked this movie. I actually liked it a lot………………….until that plot twist and that wedding scene doe. A solid 3/5. SPOILERS ALERT DOE I […]

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